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MY SOUL WOULD FACE YOU...............................

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And the so beautiful those days be,
The days I have always dreamt about,
And the moon throwing light upon,
Those little ferries.
You just sit beside me,
And gaze my face,
My eyes would fall in love with you,
Would forget the human race.

You talk a little there,
I would love to tease you,
You would try to run behind me,
And the love would chase you,
How long we run together,
Grey hair would tell you,
If I didn’t have life anymore,
My soul would face you.

My soul would face you.
My soul would face you.

© Shani Ajmera

Shani Ajmera

Shani Ajmera am 14.9.11 03:47

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Nichtidentisches / Website (14.9.11 11:09)
Hey ihr,
Ich würde an eurer Stelle sofort Myblog kündigen. Mein Blog und viele andere sind seit Wochen verschwunden, mein Konto nicht zugänglich, jeder Versuch, da jemanden zu erreichen inkl. wird nicht beantwortet. Jahrelange Arbeit futsch!