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23 years have brought much into her life and although she was at the dawn of her 50’s but she looked more energetic, alive, peaceful, confident and happy in her demeanor.
She was tall, slender and grey hair suited her personality. Her style changed with the outcomes of life and today she was a successful mentor, a guru, and philosophist. Who was heading many of the philosophical societies and even excelled into the field of psychology. Her work and success with her clients have brought her much name and respect into Neo Thought generation. She had clients from various countries, heading from personal to professional arenas of life. Her work and research had been appreciated and published and talked much into all walks of life.

And today she was going to speak about the Dark Side of human beings at a conference, which was held to elaborate the work she had put into her new book.

What actually is Dark? Is it a substance, object, thoughts or feeling? Darkness overpasses human continuity and has different shades and forms.

It comes in a form of creative solitude. There is a darkness of sudden loss of hope and virtue. Depression and demoralization of specified character; it could be loss of loss of love or a death. It shows the distorted, broken and destructive aspects of human actions.
Darkness is evil because evil always diminishes one’s or another’s ability to function.
Human darkness takes the normality for granted.

It deals with excessive exploitation of the innocent and resources; cruelty towards the appreciation. Darkness talks about the lost loves and love never found; the things we should have said; the paths we could have taken the regrets and all things we have missed but it prevents to see what really light looks like.

Darkness is so cold; full of fear and loneliness that a person always tries to gather more and more which makes a person tough to see light around. It is dualistic in nature; it creates paradoxes in life and let person live into dilemma where person itself loses the track of genuine thoughts and prepare self to head towards darker area.

So unattractive, unfulfilled, repulsive this darkness sounds!

How a person can differentiate between the dark and light when he or she has possessed self with much delirium around. Darkness is weak; and makes a person dysfunctional.

If there is darkness into your room would you let anyone come in? And what if you let anyone enter in? What would happen? How would you know who is knocking your door?
What if that unknown knocking your door is evil or light itself? Would you wait for the light to come? Would you make that unknown knock your door for long and run over your thoughts? Or would you light a candle?

You never know until you hold a candle in your own hand to see your path and path of activities around.

Metaphysics is abstruse and questions; what is there and what is it [...] like?

And she was ready for the conference as this was the last thing in her schedule to do as she wanted a break for self; a vacation to explore beauty of unknown identity of human beings which has been veiled for years

Chapter 1.
(And the story begins here; story of few lives which were somewhere entangled together, mystification of their identities and the language of signs and supernatural which would explore secrets and attract unexplainable.)
..........Be Continued.............

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