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NOT SO ORIGINAL.......................................

Not so original mine Identity is,
I still carry the dogma,
So dogmatic am I.
I still search my root,
Into the Faith I follow,
I don’t remember the day when I was categorized.

Not So Original,
Was I.

Your book,
Mine book,
Whose book should I here cite,
I still feel dark in self,
I shouldn’t talk about the light,
I have lost my original sight.

Not So Original,
Was I.

My Faith,
An Arhat,
Whom should I cut here down?
External force is so harsh here,
My internal world is enjoying this original fight.

Not So Original,
Was I.

Fighting hard to liberate self,
To liberate self from these broken ties,
I still feel an invisible rope round my neck,
Its tough to escape from this unfortunate plight.

Not So Original,
Was I.

© Shani Ajmera

Shani Ajmera

Shani Ajmera am 5.7.11 21:09

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