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Curses and blessings will work for sure,
The energy I give and receive will turn things good or sour,
Sooner or later I will pay for my good and bad deeds,
Why shouldn’t I bless some lives to heal my soul.

Curses and Blessings will work for sure.

Nothing wrong will ever bring me peace,
Curses will follow me till I fall on my knees,
Bless me God and bless me you all,
I don’t want to die broken,
I don’t want to kill my soul.

Bless me once and bless my soul,
Curses and Blessings will work for sure.

© Shani Ajmera

Shani Ajmera

Shani Ajmera am 12.6.11 18:24

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abgelehnt / Website (23.6.11 00:34)
God bless you ... The soul is not to kill ... For sure ...

(23.6.11 02:57)
God bless you shani, just feeling like holding you///thank you for this blog.