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Like every day Jeff was sitting on the bench in the little park of this town. Since years he was going to that place and just he knew why he did it.
Jeff was now an old man and he thought a lot about his life and with every breath he took, he was missing something. Someone.
A young man was also always there. He knew this old man already a few years. They became friends. It was like he became a grandpa and called him like this. They talked about everything, but he also did not know, what was going on in Jeff's heart. He just saw his sad eyes. They cried without to lose any tear. He kept them inside.

When this young man got up in this morning, only one thought was in his mind. It was time to ask him, what makes this old man so sad, that he never talked about it.
And he did. They were sitting together on the bench and looked into the sky.
“Grandpa, can I ask you something?”
“Sure, my son. Ask me whatever you want!”
How should he ask him and he was searching for the right words. The grandpa already knew what was working in his mind and ask back:
“Are you in love?”
The young man blushed and smiled.
“Yes, I am!”
“Did you ever tell her, that you love her?”
“Yes, I do sometimes, but not much. Whenever I see into her eyes I fall in love with her again and again and will never let her go”
“Sometimes it´s not enough. Never stop to talk about your feelings. If you do it, you will maybe lose the best in life what you ever had. Trust me in this!”

His words were going deep into the heart of the young man and suddenly he saw that the grandpa was crying. The first time after so many years, he could see his tears.
“Grandpa, I know there is something, what makes you sad and feeling alone in this world. You have asked me, so I ask you now too. Are you in love?”
“Yes, my son. I am!”
“And where is she? I never saw her with you!”
“You will never see her with me. I lost her, because I made the biggest mistake, you ever can make in life.”
His words came out very silent and filled with so much sadness that he could drown into it.
This young man did not ask anything anymore and was just sitting there and looked at this old man, wanted to give him time to talk about it.
It took a while, but then the old man was speaking to him:

“Good my son, I will tell you why I asked and said it to you. It is a long time ago. I would say a lifetime. I was very young and was going through life with hope in my heart. And one day, it was summer and I was with my friends on the beach, I saw her. She was much younger than me, but so beautiful. She looked like an Angel and it was like the world stopped turning. My heart was beating very fast and the butterflies, which were still sleeping inside me, became awake.
She smiled and I was lost. I could not escape and just looked at her. When she recognized me, she smiled and said short “Hi” and I was brave. Was going to her and said “Hello.”

Jeff made a break and smiled. When he thought about this moment he felt on one side so happy, but the dark side, which came faster, than he wanted, made him break every day again. This moment could not make him feel alive after all the years anymore.
Every year he tried to be strong. to keep this memory inside, that he not lose his self, but the time did it. This young man waited patiently, that he tell him more and a few minutes later he talked further.

“Yes, she was a beauty and I knew, she is the woman I want to marry. This is the woman I want to share my life with. And we met each other a lot in the next weeks and when I looked into her eyes, I knew she loves me, like I love her. We became a couple and I don’t know how it came, but one day we talked about marriage and all. She was so happy and took me into her arms and said with so much love in her eyes, that she loves me.
I did not answer her back, just kissed her. I thought in this moment she knows that I love her too.”

Again silence, but the young man did not know yet, where was the secret behind the deep sadness inside Jeff. This sounded very beautiful. Two people who loved each other, who wanted to marry. Was this not a reason to be happy?

He wanted to ask, but Jeff was faster:
“I know you still don’t understand, but I will tell you. We wanted to marry. Weeks were running, we already lived together and everything was wonderful. We never had big arguments or big problems. It was like it should be in my eyes. I was wrong, then I have forgotten the most important thing in life. Talking. Talking about feelings and what is going on inside. This is one of the keys for happiness and love. Sharing feelings with each other is also important in a relationship.
Katharina, this was her name, never complained, that I did not say “I love you”. And I was blindly, not to see, that it made her sad, that she was missing something. I should have known, that I made a mistake.
You should say sometimes, what you feel for the one you love. I always expected from her, that she understands me. How could I have been so stupid?
We did not marry. One day, when I woke up, I found a letter. When I took this into my hand, I saw, that she must have cried while writing this. Every word she wrote broke my heart and it was screaming inside me “Please come back to me, I love you”. But it was too late.
She knew that I love her, but she also needed to hear it sometimes. She explained me, that she can not always just think, that it is like this and it would have been also a wonderful feeling to look into my eyes and to hear the words from me.
She was gone and I was alone. I wasn´t angry at her. She has opened my eyes. I tried everything to find her back. But there were no chance and from this time, I never talked with her, could never look into her beautiful eyes. I miss her soft voice. When she embraced me, I was in heaven and with her by my side I felt complete. She was my second half. Now I´m surrounded by darkness and don’t find a way out from this. Just the wonderful moments with her together keeps me alive. Otherwise I would not be here anymore. I almost have no strength anymore and just god knows, why he taught me this lesson. Maybe to tell other about this, not to make the same mistake I did years ago. I don’t know it and I don’t want to know it anymore. The only thing I know, that I have lost my life, when she stepped out of the door and did not come back to me.”

The old man did not say anything anymore. He was much into thoughts and was missing her like hell.
“Grandpa? Where is she?”
“I don’t know, my son. I tried to find her a long time…Almost 20 years I was searching after her. Every hint I got, I used for this, but everything was lost.”
“Do you know, where she is living now?”
“No, the last what I got to know, that she was in Toronto and I heard that she wanted to get married…someone with the name “Miller”.
The young man had something in his mind, but did not say anything about it and just listen to Jeff.
“So my son, now you know why I said to you, you should never hide your feelings. We should always tell the people, who we love, what we feel for them. We should not say, we also can say it tomorrow or the next time we meet. Then it can be too late. No matter what kind of reason, but maybe this person is not there anymore. You will regret it your entire life that you did not say, “I love you” or ask yourself, why did I not say it earlier? Why did I wait so long for this? And the answer is, because you don’t think about it, that you could lose this person.”

After his words he left the bench. The young man was still sitting there and thought about everything. And he admitted that he also thinks sometimes like this. I can call her later and tell her, that I love her.
Actually this needs just a few minutes. A little call or letter. Just few words to each other and it will fill your heart with love, hope and warmth, which you need to go through life with a smile.
Yes, of course people know it and feel that there are people who love them, but it is really so hard to speak it out?
With all this thoughts he was going home and the first what he did, he took his girl-friend into his arms and told her that he loves her and this his whole life and nothing and no one can change it and in this moment he saw a wonderful beauty in her eyes, he never saw before and he was thankful, that grandpa told him this. After that he called his parents too and said, I love you both”. It felt good inside to say it and it made him smile. He learned for life. It was a lesson, he will never forget.

After all, he wanted to find out more about this woman, who was living in grandpa's heart and he started this journey without to tell anyone about it. It was not easy, but after two weeks he found out, that she was still living in this town and he was driving to her. When she opened the door, he knew what this old man meant, when he said that she looks like an Angel.
But the first what he recognized, was the same sadness into her eyes.
They talked for a while and the young man could hear the love for him in her words. She still loved him, like he did and she never got married, because just Jeff was living in her heart and no one else could take the place.

Two days later, the young man and Katharina were going to the park and they saw Jeff sitting on the bench looking into the sky.
Katharina looked at him and a smile was seen in her face. Yes, he has not changed in all the years and she walked very slowly to him. Jeff suddenly felt a warmth he was missing the whole years and looked around. Saw her and could not believe, that she was here. Here with him. He got up and when she was standing infront of him, they looked into each other eyes. It seemed the time was standing still. The were surrounded by magic, which they felt in these minutes. The world stopped turning and the tears he kept the whole time, were running over his cheeks.
For a while they just stood there, but then he took her hand very softly, looked into her eyes and spoke out, what he already should have said years ago:

I love you, Katharina!

Her heart was missing a beat and she smiled. Finally he said the words, she was waiting for all the time. Katharina touched his cheek, kissed him very softly and whispered:

“I love you too, Jeff!”

This young man was happy to see them and turned around to go.
Jeff and Katharina were happy and had each other back. Just 3 words, which he could not say years back and have seperated them, changed their lives now in happiness and love.

The end!

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Fuchsauge (31.3.11 11:24)
Eine sehr schöne, gefühlvolle Geschichte. Wer kennt das nicht, wenn einem der Partner das sagt, was man sich so sehnlichst wünscht. Hab richtig feuchte Augen bekommen. Was drei kleine Worte doch alles bewirken können.

Danke für die wunderschöne Geschichte